Winnipeg Folk Festival

This Past Week // July 19

While most of this blog is intended to have full length posts following a set theme, every now and then I just want to share what’s happening on a day-to-day basis and the things that bring me happiness. So, every Sunday I am going to share what I’ve been doing, thinking, eating and reading the past week.


It’s officially festival season in Manitoba and to kick it off I spent two incredible days at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. This is my second year and I’m always so impressed, not just by the music (although watching Jose Gonzalez strum Heartbeats under the stars was pretty much life changing), but also by everyone’s attitude and the laid-back atmosphere of the festival.

This year my brother was visiting and he couldn’t believe that a.) we were allowed to bring our own drinks into the festival site and b.) there weren’t heaps of people passed out on the grass or puking behind trees. It’s a lot different to some of the Aussie music festivals we had seen back home. Three of my friends bought their young kids along who were quite happy frolicking on the lawns with water and bubble guns while we took in the music. I definitely left the festival with a lot of love for my city and this province.

fun at winnipeg folk festivalFolk Fest Jose Gonzalez


Today is my second wedding anniversary. I know should be spouting sentiments about how “I can’t believe how fast the time has gone”, but it really hasn’t gone that fast. Johnny and I met when I was 22 and so it feels like we have been married for much longer. When we met in a bar in Gimli one snowy winter evening, I didn’t imagine our blurry conversation over tequila shots would turn into anything more than maybe a bit of a grope later that night. I’m really happy it did. We spent today cycling the trails in Bird’s Hill Park, getting sunburnt, eating corn on the cob and enjoying cold beers in our backyard. I couldn’t have asked for more.

manitoba cycling

bird's hill park cycling


Wild raspberries! Lots and lots of wild raspberries. A few weekends ago we went camping in my favourite spot in Manitoba, Hecla Island. We usually go later in the season when the Saskatoon berries are out so I was thrilled to find the raspberries, and even little strawberries, sprouting all over our campsite and along the trails. And while I love the pick-your-own farms along highway 8, there’s nothing better than wading into the woods and picking the berries right from the undergrowth.

wild raspberries

berries in hecla


The World Before Us popped up on my Amazon Recommends list and I am so pleased it did. It follows the life of Jane Standen who, when she was 15, lost the little girl she was babysitting in a brief lapse of attention. The story line got a bit weak towards the end, but Aislinn Hunter’s beautiful writing and carefully crafted sentences kept me tied to the book on evenings I should’ve been outdoors enjoying the weather #guiltypleasures!

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