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The Third Year

We have just entered our third year in Canada. “This is our first third year,” I remarked the other day to a rather perplexed Johnny over coffee. In Australia, I measured our time by my return from Montreal and his arrival in Australia. We had never spent three years in one place.

When we returned to Canada, I spotted a trend when it comes to moving abroad. The first year is tough and a lot of work. I have very few pictures of our first winter in Canada and for good reason. It was pretty damn awful.

winnipeg winter

In your first year you spend a lot of precious money just getting set up and buying essentials like a Dyson fan (Australia) and snow shovels of various sizes, functions and colours (Canada). Okay, I’m joking about the Dyson fan. It was just a Kmart fan.

gimli lake winter

The second year is when you start to feel a lot more at home and get to enjoy the ground work you did in year one. In the second year you can afford to buy a patio umbrella the size of your car, (true story – Ikea $20) the sun shines more and butterflies waft through the flowers you actually had the time (and money) to plant.

fall in manitoba

I consider myself to have completed, so far, three first years and three second, if you count the two years I spent in Australia as a first and second (and not actually the fifth and sixth that they were).

australian blue bottle

Anyway, enough about numbers. When I was living in Australia BJ (before Johnny) my third year was full of solidifying friendships, embracing Australia’s love of beer, beach, beach and plenty more beach, and just having a bloody good time in general.

australian beer

byron bay summer

Not even the possums that continued to break in and steal our expensive mangos or eat the cat’s food bothered me.

possum in australia

I’m not too sure what our third year in Canada will bring. Hopefully, a lot of what my third year in Australia bought: a sense of home, a greater understanding and therefore appreciation of our little city, and time to explore the rest of the province now that we have checked out some of the bigger bucket list items.

australia sunset

Now that we have the vehicle-sized patio umbrella and a snow blower (!!) I‘m not sure if life can get much better.

byron bay summer

Here’s to 2015.


What’s your magic year when it comes to moving countries?

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