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new york city skyline

The Time I Almost Died in New York

I wanted to love New York. It was one of my big bucket list cities and I’d nurtured my love for the city from afar, over years of Sex and the City reruns. I chose my university exchange program in Montreal because of its proximity to New York and when a couple of my South African friends living in New Jersey invited me to stay for a few days, I practically tripped over myself in my haste to book my ticket. Continue reading

On top of Whistler

Learning to Ski in Whistler: A Skeptics Guide

I have no doubt that for many people learning to ski in Whistler would be a dream come true. But it’s not my dream. I had visited Whistler a few years back for a week and went the whole time without stepping foot into skis (although I did still fork out the exorbitant fee to go up the mountain and ride the peak to peak gondola). Continue reading