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Sometimes It’s Okay to Spend Your Weekend Indoors

Winter doesn’t have to be awful. But sometimes, it really is. I’m a big believer in embracing the outdoors during winter and staying active. I wouldn’t survive the dark months if I couldn’t skate down the river or walk through snowy woods on my weekends. But sometimes I think it’s okay just to give in and spend a weekend completely indoors under a duvet; especially when it’s snowing and -20.

This past weekend called from some serious downtime as Johnny and I both had the flu. We rarely get sick together. When we do, it’s miserable. When you’re sick you want someone to look after you, bring you hot tea, a fresh box of tissues, and cook some soup.

icicles in winnipeg

When we’re both sick there’s a lot of taking to turns to replenish the water and tissues and a lot of grumbling as to whose turn it is to make food.

I rallied on Saturday morning and made us enough crepes to see us through the day. Crepes are my fall back comfort food when we’re sick because they’re easy to make. We grew up on them in South Africa (what SA child doesn’t have fond memories eating dripping pannekoek off paper plates at a school fete?) and I introduced them to Johnny shortly after we met. Africanbites has a fantastic recipe.

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I’m all for thick and stodgy Canadian pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, but when I’m not feeling well I look for the comfort in nostalgic food from my childhood.

We spent the rest of the day sleeping, waking up eventually in the evening to pick up pizza and a box of ice lollies from Sobeys. We finished a bottle of cheap Santorini wine and a box Coricidin Night Relief. We lay on the couch in a happy drugged haze, debating Louis Litt’s destiny on Suits while the snow continued to fall outside.

ice cream on weekend

Sunday was a rinse and repeat of Saturday but with a bit less sleep, a lot more Netflix and defrosted chicken soup. It was a perfect weekend.

I’ll always promote winter activities and the importance of getting out and exploring the city in the coldest months of the year. I want people to read my blog and realise that winter in Winnipeg can be a lot of fun. But every now and then I need to spend my weekends in pajamas bingeing on Grey’s Anatomy and Haagen Dazs sorbet bars.

Have you had any bum weekends during winter where you refused to leave the house. What do you binge on to feel better?

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