pannekoek on weekend

Sometimes It’s Okay to Spend Your Weekend Indoors

Winter doesn’t have to be awful. But sometimes, it really is. I’m a big believer in embracing the outdoors during winter and staying active. I wouldn’t survive the dark months if I couldn’t skate down the river or walk through snowy woods on my weekends. But sometimes I think it’s okay just to give in and spend a weekend completely indoors under a duvet; especially when it’s snowing and -20. Continue reading

winnipeg snow sculpture

The Perfect Winnipeg Winter Weekend Itinerary

One of my favourite parts about my job is coming up with creative itineraries for visiting media. Last year we had two travel writers visit us at the beginning of December. I prefer any tourists visiting the province to stay in summer, not winter. How was I supposed to come up with fun activities and show off our city when it was already way below zero? I accepted the challenge and came up with this three day itinerary: a mix of some of my local favourites and the more typical tourist activities. Continue reading

australians in canada

So, you want to move to Canada?

You’ve decided to embrace the land of snow, poutine and lakes that is Canada and call it your home. Congratulations! Canada is awesome! Or perhaps you’re just interested in moving abroad in general? If you’re from a country that has a reciprocal agreement with Canada, then you’re in for a mostly stress-free application process.

Continue reading

santorini church

5 Reasons to Visit Santorini in Spring

I had a lot of mixed feelings about booking a holiday in Santorini. I wanted to visit the island more than anything and see the pretty blue domed churches and watch the sunset from the edge of the cliffs. But I also wanted to relax and was wary about the crowds that the island attracts in summer. So we booked in May, the shoulder season, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. Well, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect time of year! Continue reading

new york city skyline

The Time I Almost Died in New York

I wanted to love New York. It was one of my big bucket list cities and I’d nurtured my love for the city from afar, over years of Sex and the City reruns. I chose my university exchange program in Montreal because of its proximity to New York and when a couple of my South African friends living in New Jersey invited me to stay for a few days, I practically tripped over myself in my haste to book my ticket. Continue reading

little sister coffee winnipeg

An Australian’s Guide to Winnipeg Coffee

Up until a few months ago, flat whites did not exist in Manitoba. The closest I could get to my favourite Australian drink was a latte, and then I had to deal with poorly steamed (often burnt) milk and average beans. Recently that’s changed with both Starbucks and Second Cup adding flat whites to their menu, but I hardly think they count. Continue reading