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Our time in Canada continues to fly by and, depending on where the future takes us, I want to be able to look back at all our experiences here on my blog. But work and life happened and my blog quickly slipped down my priority list. While most of this blog is intended to have full length posts following a set theme, every now and then I just want to share what’s happening on a day-to-day basis and the things that bring me happiness. So, every Sunday I am going to share what I’ve been doing, thinking, eating and reading the past week.


After 6 months of winter summer is finally here, which means weekends at the lake. We’re lucky because we both have family in the lovely lake town of Gimli, an hour north of Winnipeg. Summer in Manitoba is magic. It’s hard to fathom that a few months our world was buried beneath layers of crusty snow and we were all about snow shoeing and frozen fish tossing.

This summer is extra special because my mom is joining us from South Africa for six weeks (!!) and my brother flies in today from Whistler. Our whole family loves being outdoors so I’m looking forward to many weekends camping, bonfires, sailing, swimming in the lake, and just reveling in the warm weather with the people I love most. Since most of my blog has been focused on surviving Manitoban winters, I can’t wait to share all the glorious details of a Manitoban summer.

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My blog didn’t only lose momentum because my life got very busy after returning from our Greece vacation a month ago. It also lost momentum because my Gran passed away while we were there and we spent our last week of vacation nursing and then burying her. It’s a bit of complicated story.

greece boats

She was an amazing woman. When I returned home I wasn’t ready to turn my vacation memories into blog posts because so much of this vacation revolved around her. I still want to write about that and the whole crazy, special, emotional experience. That post will come in time.

The death of a loved one always makes you question what you’re doing in your own life and where you’re at. Since we’ve returned I’ve done a lot of thinking and spent quite a bit of time in reflection. Johnny and I have had some long and deep conversations. We’ve made some decisions. We’ve changed some plans. We’re working towards aligning our life according to how we want to live it and what we value, and less about how we think we should be living it according to everyone else’s expectations. More to come on that later!

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Rhubarb! When we first moved to Winnipeg and the snow melted after winter, I was so excited to find that a little rhubarb plant had sprung up next to our garage. Now I look forward to its arrival every year. In Australia rhubarb prices were exorbitant and I rarely cooked with it. Now, it grows like a weed so I have lots of the stuff to experiment with. But every year, Martha Stewart’s strawberry rhubarb ice cream is a staple that I always make.


After three incredible weeks in Paris and Greece, I’m still struggling to accept that my vacation is over. I’ve devoured several travel memoirs since we returned so I can live vicariously through the characters. Last night I finished reading The Lost Girls. I thought it would be a light, girly read that could flip through in the evenings before bed. I fell in love with this book. I found it unexpectedly touching and so perfect for where I am in life right now.

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  1. Pascale you write so beautifully(as if you have never heard that before) So sorry about your Gran but yet so excited to read about the next steps. Eunie and I have been doing lots of same and look fwd to swapping notes. Lots of love to you both and please keep blogging …

  2. Glad your back to blogging. I have missed your writing about your feelings about life. Look forward to reading many more epic adventures from you xx

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