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mug for canada

When Your Home Country Isn’t Forever

Johnny and I received the best Christmas gift we could’ve asked for this year: his Australian permanent residence visa. It arrived, rather unceremoniously, as a PDF e-mail attachment a few days after Christmas. This visa is something we’ve been working on for roughly the last four years. I was so surprised that it had finally arrived that I had to come home from work and confirm with immigration myself before I believed it. Continue reading

cats overseas travel

Immigrating With Your Cat

Or, How Bacardi Found His Voice

A few days ago I received one of those friendly little reminders from Facebook about what I was doing “3 years go today.” There was a photo of our cat, Bacardi (albeit 5 pounds skinnier), captioned “tomorrow this little guy is leaving the heat of Australia and heading off to Canada ahead of us. Can’t believe this move is actually happening!” 

I’m sure he wouldn’t have believed what we were about to do to him either. Continue reading

manitoba sunset

Saying Goodbye to Granny Sue

When I was 9, our teacher gave us a writing task. We were to write a page about what we wanted to be when we grew up and talk about a person who was currently doing this job. I didn’t have think to think hard about it. I knew exactly what I wanted I be. A “boat driver” like my Gran, who I reckoned probably had the coolest job in the world. Continue reading

Ice Festival Gimli

The Gimli Ice Festival and the End of Winter

Have you ever kissed a frozen fish? I haven’t, but I have been in a frozen fish throwing contest! That’s a sentence I never thought I’d write in my life. But, since moving to Manitoba it seems I’ve had a lot of opportunities to do crazy things I’d never imagined (like eat brunch perched on the frozen river.) Continue reading