“I could carry, paddle, walk and sing with any man I ever saw. I have been twenty-four years a canoe man, and forty-one years in service; no portage was ever too long for me, fifty songs could I sing. I have saved the lives of ten voyageurs, have had twelve wives and six running dogs. I spent all of my money in pleasure. Were I young again, I would spend my life the same way over. There is no life so happy as a voyageur’s life!”

Hi, I’m Pascale. I am absolutely in love with writing and entranced by travel. After moving countries twice in the last six years and travelling in between, I have finally decided to combine these passions. So, this is part memoir of what it’s like to majorly move your life across the world, part journal of my adventures and experiences in the countries I have lived in and traveled to, and life in this wonderfully wild place called Manitoba.


pascale rocher and the happy voyageur


I grew up in South Africa, and when I was 18 moved to Australia, travelling back for vacations when my purse could afford it. During university, I completed an exchange program in Montreal and fell dizzyingly in-love with the city and a man.

After finishing university I followed my heart back to Canada (but sadly not back to Montreal—learning French is still on my to-do list) and I now live in Winnipeg, at least for the next two four years when my visa expires.

You’ll never find me travelling with a tour group packing in as many countries and activities as possible. I’m all for slow travel and experiencing my destination, especially if that includes copious bottles of wine, some sort of beach and a bicycle.

Contact me at pascale.rocher@hotmail.com